Jettec cartridges

  the hick 17:48 29 Jan 2010

Daughter (working away) has tried set of Jettec compatibles in Epson SX200 'all-in-one' printer. It will not work, fails to recognise them. Anyone else had this trouble please? Is it normal. D. now bought genuine, well-expensive!

  rickf 17:56 29 Jan 2010

I have used them b4 with no probs but have since switched to "Choice Stationery" ones. The latter being excellent.

  Pineman100 18:30 29 Jan 2010

I'm not an Epson user, but I believe that most Epson printers have a small chip in every cartridge. When the ink has been used up, this chip knows it and won't allow further use of the cartridge.

It sounds as though you may have some refilled cartridges whose chips haven't been reset.

I should talk to Jettec about it.

  the hick 20:29 29 Jan 2010

Thanks for replies. I have used compats. in my Epson CX3650, no problems, I wondered if there was some issue with the newer SX200.

Pineman100 - I hadn't thought of this, presumably many compats. are re-filled Epson cartridges.

  Terry Brown 20:50 29 Jan 2010

Any chance of a link for Choice Stationery?

  ame 21:02 29 Jan 2010

I have used "Cheetah" compatible Jettecs in my DX4400 for some time now, and my daughter has used them in her SX200. I suggest this is not normal - contact your supplier as they are guaranteed. If only one cartridge has a duff chip, I suspect the printer will not work at all.

  Taff™ 11:59 30 Jan 2010

Link to Choice click here Pic`n` Mix 8 cartridges

And they are offering 10% off using code "JANSALE"

  Taff™ 12:06 30 Jan 2010

Even Better Valueshop click here Take the Jettec multipack - Slightly cheaper at £10.44 for 4 but add on £1.49 for postage. They will be quicker than Choice and the quality of these inks are just as good. They actually contain more ink then the Think cartridges. I`ve compared them for my Canon.

  mooly 12:11 30 Jan 2010

First off, contact Jettec with all your model details... I'm sure they will send you a free set.
click here
their support is excellent.

I use Jettecs, in fact they are the only brand I trust after loads of issues with cheapo compatables.

I wonder if they were very old stock... in an attempt to "foil" compatables there were many variations of the same cartridge (the programming of the onboard chip differed) and the correct versions had to be used.
Were these "individual" cartridges as purchased, or all from a multipack and fitted at in one go ?

  the hick 14:04 30 Jan 2010

Thanks for the links to suppliers.
mooly - multipack, all fitted together. I shall now contact Jettec, will inform forum of progress.

  mooly 16:37 30 Jan 2010

Be good to know what the outcome is :)
Hope you get it sorted.

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