jetAudio - problem with internet radio recording

  Nickoftime 08:40 19 Feb 2005

I'm trying to record radio using jetAudio (basic, free version) on my Win98SE/800Mhz PC with a Creative AWE 64 Gold sound card. However none of the options in the 'Recording' window 'Source' selction box (MIDI; CD Audio; Line-in; Microphone) result in any indicated 'Recording Volume'either with 'AWE64G Mixer [220]' or 'Mixer Through TotalRecorder' top letterbox options (same problem with Audacity player, incidentally). Trying jA on my higher spec/XP Home laptop, however, works fine on selecting the 'Stereo Mixer' option. I've checked all the sound settings on the PC's 'Volume' control panel etc. Can anyone suggest anything else I might try ?

  bluenote 23:57 20 Feb 2005

Is there not a "what you hear" box to tick.There is on my version. not try downloading latest version.

  Nickoftime 10:12 21 Feb 2005

Thanks for the suggestion. I've now downloaded the latest version to my PC - the laptop already had it so I was hopeful that it was in fact a problem caused by using the earlier version on my PC - but I find I still get just the four source options: no sign of a 'What you hear' one. I'm wondering if it is either a limitation of my PC's sound card - AWE 64 Gold - or a conflict between jetAudio & the Creative S/W that came with it as I noticed, playing around with the latter yesterday, that it controlled the check boxes on the jet Audio recording window's Source selection area (once they're checked in jetAudio I can only uncheck them via the Creative S/W control panels). Maybe I should uninstall the latter ?

  RJay 10:53 21 Feb 2005

If you tick the "Stereo Mixer" box it should record OK

  Nickoftime 13:18 21 Feb 2005

..... that's just the point: I don't get a 'Stereo Mixer' option: just 'AWE64G Mixer [220]'in the top letterbox (no other options) & the four check box options as detailed in my original posting ! Thanks anyway.

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