Jerky video playback

  Trikie 22:49 23 May 2011

Capturing some Mini-DV video the picture is very jerky. Checking already captured stuff that has been transferred to DVDs I find the AVI masters are also now jerky but mpeg1 masters play OK.

I suspect that the problem stems from the PC - could it be the graphics cardor something else?

Windows XP Home, Pentium dual core 2.60GHz ram: 4GB DDR2 Video Card: Nvidea GeForce GTS250 HardDriveCapacity: 500GB.

  Les28 08:00 24 May 2011

"Capturing some Mini-DV video the picture is very jerky", do you mean you are getting dropped frames during the actual capture process?

Is this a new problem that's just started or have you just recently started capturing video and it's been like this from the start?

Are you connecting your camcorder to your pc with a firewire lead, not a usb lead?

  Trikie 10:26 24 May 2011

Yes, I do have a firewire connection.

It's a new problem that started yesterday whilst capturing. I thought it was just dropped frames but then checked a selection of files of completed projects and found that all the AVI files were jerky but the mpeg1 ones were not.

  woodchip 11:36 24 May 2011

Most likely Graphics card, Use Firewire it better than USB for Video

  woodchip 11:38 24 May 2011

Use Firewire, its better than USB for Video

  chub_tor 12:37 24 May 2011

The spec of your machine is good enough for video processing but have you checked if your hard drive is getting full? You say that it is 500Gb, how much of that is free? If it is pretty full there may not be enough temporary space on it to create the AVI files which take up a lot more of your hard drive than mpeg files. As a matter of interest what software are you using for the capture?

If you find that you are short of hard drive space it may be cluttered with some tmp files. I would try running CCleaner and also do a defrag.

  Les28 14:36 24 May 2011

As already mentioned you never said how much space is free on your 500GB drive, if you'd done a disk clean up to remove old temp files etc and if you'd defragged after removing old clutter.

You haven't just updated your anti-virus program have you that may have installed some extra background scanning?

Ideally when capturing video not a bad idea to disconnect from internet, switch off modem/router and disable anti-virus and firewire and any other startup non essential progs that may be running.

However you say avi captured previously is jerky but was OK before and mpeg1 captured previously is still playing OK?

Are you capturing standard video 720X576 and capturing as dv-avi? What is the mpeg1 format you are referring to, is that a capture format available via the software you are using, I would have thought it would be mpeg2 capture not mpeg1 as an alternative to dv-avi, if you want to play full screen size.

What player are you using to playback the avi and mpeg1, windows media player? Have you tried with a different player like VLC player?

You could download GSpot and open a jerky avi file in GSpot to see if you have all codecs needed to play it on your pc.

link text

Maybe check your dma pio transfer modes are OK

link text

link text

  Les28 14:53 24 May 2011

Sorry I meant disable AV and firewall not firewire when I wrote

Ideally when capturing video not a bad idea to disconnect from internet, switch off modem/router and disable anti-virus and firewire

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