Jerky scrolling

  Graham ® 09:16 10 Oct 2005

I have smooth scrolling enabled on my XP, but pictures on this part of my site cause 'jerky' scrolling click here

Is the resolution too high that is causing this, please?

  Forum Editor 15:01 10 Oct 2005

by the images - your CPU is having a hard time handling all that data as the images move up and down the screen.

  Graham ® 16:13 10 Oct 2005

Should I break the pictures apart by putting text between them, instead of alongside?

  Graham ® 16:15 10 Oct 2005

Anything I can do about the heading - 'Blank Microsoft Internet Explorer'?

  Graham ® 16:20 10 Oct 2005

Interesting - if I use Opera, the scrolling is fine.

  Forum Editor 16:38 10 Oct 2005

for me in both IE and FireFox - there's no problem with scrolling - but I am using a fairly high-spec machine, so I wouldn't expect to see problems.

You can reduce the image file sizes (and their physical size) if the jerkiness is a real proble - both those adjustments will help.

You can cure the 'blank' in IE by giving the page a title in your design software.

  Graham ® 16:42 10 Oct 2005

Thanks, I've just updated Opera, it is flying compared to IE on my machine!

  Graham ® 16:49 10 Oct 2005

And I've given the page a title! Easy when you know how!

  Graham ® 19:15 10 Oct 2005

Any more feedback on scrolling using different browsers, please?

  [DELETED] 21:48 10 Oct 2005

It depends as much on computer spec as browser software.

The page jerks ever so slightly in IE on the laptop I'm typing this on (Mobile Athlon 64 3000+, 2GB RAM, 64MB GeForce graphics) but my main desktop machine has no jerkiness whatsoever.

Regardless of the scrolling you might want to look at the software you're using for your web authoring, or the way in which you're structuring the site.

I've not looked too closely but your page code is vast and appears to be from Microsoft Word or Publisher. Neither program does a good job of web work and I can't help wondering whether at least some of the problems with scrolling could be down to that.

Example: your top image of the word Millie takes about 36 lines of awful code. You could just as easily do it in one.

Each subsequent image is wrapped in lots of position:absolute and VML junk that doesn't need to be there, not to mention the WordArt...

If you have FrontPage you should use it for creating and editing your web pages - Word and Publisher really are poor cousins when it comes to web editors.

I could probably reduce your page code by about 90% (maybe even more) and still give you the same look and feel - it will also probably cure some of the problems you are seeing.

  PurplePenny 23:13 10 Oct 2005

Graham, did you give up on Nvu?

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