Jerky digitised video and low audio on playback

  InCog 20:38 18 Sep 2003

I've managed to copy a brief 3 minute VHS video extract into a Powerpoint presentation using Movie Player 2 (.wmv file) and played it today in front of a class. There were two problems:
1. the audio was too low (the amplified speakers are '160 watts PMPO' - are they the problem?)
2. The frames didn't run smoothly. Is this because the compression ratio is too high or the processor on my laptop (Celeron 1100mhz) too slow?

  Bodi 21:00 18 Sep 2003

some Video buffs on here - will bump this thread and keep it at top. They will probably help.


  InCog 21:06 18 Sep 2003


  Bodi 21:15 18 Sep 2003

I think the jerky play back (don't know about the sound) has something to do with the capabilities of the program you are using. Does frames per second ring a bell?

Just keeping you at the top.


  InCog 22:13 18 Sep 2003

I think it's selected automatically: 30fps but it might 25fps - which could explain the propblem.

  Chegs ® 00:23 19 Sep 2003

Jerky playback on the laptop? Probably due to the graphics ability of the puter,poor sound is often due to the audio track not being "Normalised"(If there is any music,chances are it will be very loud)I find my puter(playing back DVD's I have created)plays the music uncomfortably loud,but the speech always sounds low.I haven't had chance to search the web for an "Audio Normaliser" although I used to have one for MP3's.This will set the whole audio spectrum to nearer 100%(amplifies quiet,lowers loud sounds)If its audio is .wav then its possible to use the OS's "Sound Recorder"

  y_not 05:28 19 Sep 2003

I often use video clips in Powerpoint.

These will be captured as AVI files. which, when played in Powerpoint will be poor quality and jerky with variations in sound volume/quality.

To overcome this the clip needs to be encoded to MPEG2 format - use TMPEGEnc for this click here for the free download.

One word of warning....check that it plays on the work PC as sometimes they will be using different codex to those on your PC - not a common problem but one I have regularly because I never leave things alone! (My IT dept. end up cursing while downloading the new codex)

The three minute clip will take several minutes to encode (up to an hour depending on PC spec.) and I suggest that you DON'T multitask while its going on as encoding can be resource hungry

Hope it helps

Please post back the outcome

  InCog 17:22 19 Sep 2003


I downloaded the software and think I encoded it to MPEG2 but the application didn't seem to recongise .wmv files. Anyway, it converted my movie file into an .mcf file which doesn't seem to be a digital video file at all.

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