Jeeves took over all of a sudden

  jack 12:50 21 Mar 2010

My Firefox page was absorbed into Jeeves - with no access to bookmarks and other Firefox/Google stuff.
Try as I might- Jeeves would not just go away.

So I simply uninstalled Firefox-ran CCleaner - and reinstalled- and got back what I like.

Is that only way- or is there something simpler?

  birdface 13:23 21 Mar 2010

I think you can remove it from add-ons or disable it at least.
There was a post on here about a fortnight ago with the same problem.
I don't have time to look for it as I am going out.
But they managed to get it removed.

  birdface 13:25 21 Mar 2010
  Sea Urchin 13:49 21 Mar 2010

Yes, that was the previous thread, but I can't see anywhere that it was resolved?

  jack 15:18 21 Mar 2010

the click here query is exactly and the answer is the same - Uninstall with Revo.

Vary useful tool that.

  jack 17:24 21 Mar 2010

just like that
No button press
simply crashed in without so much as by your leave.
This must be something that can be stopped- but how?

  jack 17:26 21 Mar 2010

so when I selected PCA from Bookmark -was able to close that tab

  Sea Urchin 17:29 21 Mar 2010

From the previous thread (above)

>> I have removed and reinstalled firefox 3.6 but at the first call only that wretched butler appears. <<

As I said there was unfortunately no resolution to the problem

  T0SH 18:20 21 Mar 2010

Check in add remove programs for the ask toolbar if it is there uninstalling it may help

cheers HC

  jack 11:15 22 Mar 2010

It has come back with Bookmarks and taskbar bits and bobs but with out the Forward/Back arros or the Refresh button.
Where do I find them?

  Sea Urchin 11:17 22 Mar 2010

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