Jeantech Apollo

  petermontague 14:33 16 Mar 2005

Anyone have any experience with this case? I bought one for my first build. The case itself seems okay but comes with only two scappy bits of paper, mostly in Chinese, with instructions. Not very helpful.

  SANTOS7 14:45 16 Mar 2005

click here
this may help,technical link will give you online manualmay get info you require from there,hope this helps,good luck.........

  petermontague 14:54 16 Mar 2005

Thanks Santos, I have already checked the site but not found manual related to this model. I have e-mailed them to see if there are any instructions available. Feeling a bit daunted as there are so many cables and other bits with no guidance.

  SANTOS7 15:01 16 Mar 2005

I wouldn't worry to much detailed installation instructions should come with the components you buy,there are also some good sites relating to home build click here click here click here
these are but a few,good luck.........

  petermontague 15:37 16 Mar 2005

Thanks again Santos. Just a bit annoyed that a bit more help wasn't included with the case. As you say it will probably all become clear when I start building.

  SANTOS7 15:45 16 Mar 2005

Rest assured my friend, your in the right place if you need additional help,and i can understand your frustration,i aggree you would expect maybe some literature/ online manuals to support the product.

  petermontague 15:55 16 Mar 2005

Santos, I don't doubt I will need help when I get started, and know this is the place to get it. Would still like to hear from anyone who has used this case.

  Jeffers22 17:20 16 Mar 2005

I have three Jeantech Phong cases housing two of mine plus my son's PC. Absolutely no written instructions in any of them.

  Jeffers22 17:29 16 Mar 2005

Too quick on the button. You will have three lots of cables for the front ot the case

1. USB - Mobo will have a USB header to which you attach the little black block. Unlikely you will need the single cables that are also part of it. Leave them clipped back to the main cable with the rubber band.

2. Firewire. Mobo will have a firewire header to which this should be attached.

3. Fans. Your case has three fans, on the mobo there will be at least two fan headers in addition to the CPU fan header. You may need to connect the third fan to a converter to a molex connector from the PSU.

In all cases the mobo manual will give you the location of the headers.

You will need power to the front panel - presumably it comes with a male molex lead?

There will be a temp sensor that you will need to stick to the HDD, may also have two other temp sensors for the CPU and system case which will need to be positioned. I have an Akasa 5.25 drive bay module with similar controls - I've used the temp sensors on my three hard drives and use Via Hardware monitor for the CPU and system temp.

The Apollo looks like a fine case.

  The BB 17:37 16 Mar 2005

Jeffers22 - quick note of caution. Some motherboards don't like 'big' fans attached as they draw too much power, and these are best fed direct fromt he PSU (consequence is they stay on all the time - even if you hibernate). Make sure you read the mobo instructions.

At the end of the day, most of the cabling is fairly safe as the connectors don't usually plug into things they are not supposed to (bet I get some examples now) other than making sure your primary IDE cable is in the primary slot etc...

  petermontague 23:28 16 Mar 2005

Thanks guys, probably when I have the motherboard and its manual in front of me it will all become clear. The wiring looks a bit overwhelming at first sight because not only are there the 3 fans and the usb/firewire/sound connectors, there is all the wiring for the LCD display/temperature monitor and fan control. The thing that is realy bugging me, though, and I may well seem like a dummy for saying it, is that on top of the case is a pop-up flap for the USB etc connectors and behind it what looks like a much bigger flap that looks as if it should pop up but doesn't. Looking inside the case, under the flap that isn't, is an 80mm fan. Well obviously the fan must have access to the outside but I just can't see how this opens. Its only plastic so don't want to break it before I even start. Have tried pushing down, pulling up and swearing at it, none of which work.Just a few instructions from the manufactures would have been nice.

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