PA28 23:12 08 Sep 2004

Had some problems recently running XP Home - slow to start and delay in some actions. My sub to Norton Antivirus expired and I installed AVG fully updated. Ran a system scan and it detected a virus (believe it was Dialer 9N, though I can't find that listed as a virus).

Anyhow, cleared it out and went on to check remainder of system. A number of system files appeared to have been modified so these were repaired from the XP CD using SFC\Scannow.

Things seem better now but I note that a 19k file is present in the C:\ root directory under the name jbond.chm. This indicates a simple HTML help file. Clicking on it invites me to run d_jbond.exe which I am warned is not signed and has no known origin. Neither does it show up on a file search.

Can anyone tell me what jbond.chm is associated with and whether it is safe to delete?

  stalion 23:26 08 Sep 2004

listed here click here

  PA28 08:45 09 Sep 2004

Thanks. But this hasn't helped me understand what this file is unless I am missing something.

  stalion 12:13 09 Sep 2004

it is used by a search engine that you have probably used sometime you should be able to delete it with no problems

  PA28 14:33 09 Sep 2004

Thanks again. I will rename the directory and leave it there to see if I get any error messages. If not, then zap.....

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