JAVE Script and RISC OS

  RISC OS user 19:56 08 Jul 2014

Sorry this is not Windows related by hope some one will have an answer... Please!!!!! Since I upgraded my BB Router to the SpeedTouch Technicolor TG582n I have not been able to sign into it as "Administrator" because the Router requires the Browser to have Java enabled. The previous two routers, both Speed Touch, did not need Java and I could access them using either Netsurf or Oregano2 from my Real RiscPC. I need to access the Home network, Devices, Configure so that I can reassign the IP address which the Real Risc PC is using, but is show as 0,0,0,0. The Network is working correctly but I would like to be able to see the correct IP Address, and configure it as "fixed" and not "dynamic". I use my Real Risc PC as a "server-secure store" for my personal data which I work on with my Virtual Risc PC. In the "configure" page of the Router I could click on "delete" and presumably re enter the necessary information again whilst using my Windows Laptop, but if this did not work I might not have any way to restore the setting for the Real Risc PC and not be able to access it or it access my home network. Does anyone out there have any ideas, please.

  RISC OS user 12:07 11 Jul 2014

Seems like no one has any ideas, I thought someone might have had some knowledge of my router and how to over come my problem if only via Windows.

  Batch 17:38 11 Jul 2014

Just to be clear (as you mentioned JAVE Script) in the title, Java and Javascript are two entirely separate things.

To my knowledge, just about any browser (on any platform) supports Javascript.

By way of contrast Java is supported by a separate plugin (known as Java Virtual Machine or JVM) produced by Oracle and downloadable from java.com. See click here for supported platforms.

  RISC OS user 21:30 11 Jul 2014

I get the message "JavaScript must be enabled". to access the Router's Admin pages. I will try the Forum as Woodwell suggests, thanks, Sorry to advise you Batch but RISC OS does not work with JAVAScript, but thanks anyway.

  Batch 12:45 12 Jul 2014

Will this help?

click here

  Secret-Squirrel 13:23 12 Jul 2014

"I get the message "JavaScript must be enabled". to access the Router's Admin pages."

There's no reason why you have to use your RISC OS to access the router's admin pages so use your Windows laptop, or smartphone or tablet instead.

  RISC OS user 14:09 12 Jul 2014

Secret-Squirrel, Thanks for you post. Also thanks to all who posted.

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