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  inspector gadget 00:24 11 Feb 2004

I noticed on another discussion folk commenting on not using javascript links. Mine are flash is this ok or does it cause problems with people linking to pages. I have setup a sitemap for nonframe page navagation the site is click here can you let me know if this site is browser friendly.

Constructive crit. is what I am looking for. Total website design newbie. Site was started by a mate but I have changed it quite a bit.

Thanks in advance

  Gaz 25 00:39 11 Feb 2004


A few things.

First I dont like, and I am sure others wont like the image as a background. That is blurry, and although loaded fine on my fast connections, what are 56kers gonna think.

and the green is a bit glaring on the eyes. Go for a plainer look.

Other than that it is fine. I am sure others may also suggest you scrap the frames too. This is to avoid conflicts in older browsers. ;-)

Good luck, and I hope I was not too critical.

  inspector gadget 01:03 11 Feb 2004

Not at all I was expecting worse.

The image does take 15secs or so to load & I was not sure about it either. I thought it was a good backdrop but does take a while. I may drop it & go for a plain background.

Did you mean just tone down the grean or dump it altogether?

I thought I would use the sitemap approach for none frame browsers will add something to indicate that.

  Talented Monkey 01:36 11 Feb 2004

Ditch the Enter Here page no need or point for that, the picture is terrible quality and needs changing or displaying at its proper size. make the mainpage.html your index page then oyu can add the info you have the exisiting index page on the new page, include the welcome text but make it much smaller witha couple of pictures maybe.

Dump the repeated wallpaper backgoround, if you want green background then a very light pastel shade of green with black text should work ok.

Flash navigation buttons, oh dear! I know you can do fancy things with flash navigation and there are quite a few applications now which let you create these buttons, but for a site like your one, these buttons are not neccassary you will be wanting to attract a wide audiance using all types of web browsing technologies to access your pages. Also not everyone has flash installed on thier machines, so how will people navigate your site? If you want a cool 3d effect button which changes colour when oyu mouse over it then it can be done with CSS , I have been meaning to knock up a demo page or two of these and now is an excuse to do it. ill post back later with a link

Yukky frames, say no more.

Members page could be so much better, i would have a row for each member, picture on left hand side, with Nmae occupation age, other personal details and comments next to it you will have whole width of page to fit this in, much better than saying hover over us. If you not sure about what i mean look at dating agencies or other such sites where you can do member search and look how results are displayed.

this will do for now, i need sleep!

  inspector gadget 21:47 11 Feb 2004

thanks for the comments I thought the background was a bit cluttered I will remove this when I get home, on night shift at the mo.

I was hopeing to keep the flash buttons so I was thinking of using the sitemap approach as the first page so people can decide if they want to use the flash site.

I will have to have a think about what way to go. thanks for your comments.

Once I tweek the site I will come back to get your views again.

Many thanks

  Forum Editor 00:37 12 Feb 2004

Just a few points from me:

1. I'm afraid I dislike the green background intensely - try a pale buff colour.

2. You might find that changing the font to Verdana would improve the look of the text no end.

3. Frames are old-hat as far as I'm concerned - you'll achieve a tighter, more professional look with tables, and you'll find that you'll have more control over your content.

4. "Shear granite cliffs" should be "Sheer granite cliffs".

5. The welcome page is a deterrent because of the tiled crest - it's almost impossible to read the text. Try my suggestion of a plain buff-coloured background (or pale blue) with black text in Verdana 10 point. Put the text in a table and perhaps have the crest in a top left-hand corner cell.

I can see that a lot of work has gone into the site, and there's some wonderful content. The navigation needs a careful rethink, and I suggest that you redesign it with a homepage. Put a homepage navigation button on all the sub-pages so that people don't keep having to use the back button to relocate themselves. Then put a "back" link on each page so that visitors can quickly go back to the previous page. If a client asked me to deal with this site I would probably find it easier to start again - please don't be upset by that comment, it isn't intended as a personal criticism but rather some objective advice. I like the site content very much, and with some more hard work you could have a real winner.

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