Javascript & E-Mail ?

  KW2K 10:55 27 Nov 2004

Hello ! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to carry out the following task: On my web site I have a form which can be filled in with various details, then when the submit button is clicked, I want the contents of the form to be e-mailed to my account. I'm sure it can be done with javascript, but don't know how ! Any advice on this much appreciated !!

Regards. 11:13 27 Nov 2004

you simply use the mailto: command, but this may cause a pop up warning to the user that they are allowing their email address to be known.

You would be better off using a simple PHP script (providing you host allows PHP).

  KW2K 11:22 27 Nov 2004

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have used the "mailto" command and it does pop up a window, this will be ok for the purpose i want to use it for, however it still does NOT attach the contents of the form to the e-mail, any ideas ?

Thanks Again ! 12:54 27 Nov 2004

but I always use PHP on my sites. You could also use CGI scripts, your host may supply a ready to run library of these, but to customise to your own input use PHP.

  KW2K 23:18 27 Nov 2004

ok, first of all,i'm trying to find out what php does ! Just learning HTML at the moment! Secondly, how would i integrate this into my html code ? and thirdly, what code do i use ? my domain hosting supports php. Any info on this much appreciated !
Cheers ! 00:14 28 Nov 2004

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