oldgit1 19:20 06 Feb 2005

I have lost access to javascript, it's driving me bonkers...anyone know how to get it back ?

  VoG II 19:24 06 Feb 2005
  octal 19:24 06 Feb 2005

Do you mean its not working? maybe a little more info please.

  961 19:24 06 Feb 2005

If you've upgraded your security settings you may have disabled Java

Among the things that can do this
Zone Alarm
Spybot search and destroy

and no doubt many others

click here may be able to help

  octal 19:26 06 Feb 2005

This will test java sun:

click here

This will test javaScript:

click here

  oldgit1 16:12 12 Feb 2005

Thanks for all the help.
Java enabled and tested by Java.
Latest version installed.
Can't use Java with IE or download Java content from DVD tutorials as in Photoshop, PSP etc.
All boxes ticked. Reverting to a previous time did not work. I removed Spybot as precaution, no change. OS is XP. Been OK for three years.
Really computor illiterate, use almost solely for photography and downloads, upgrades and booking the occasional holiday... wife upset 'cos no virtual tours on self-catering hols.
Thanks to all again, just one of those things, I guess.

  961 17:49 12 Feb 2005

Important to get Java going in case better half goes on a virtual tour of her own, so...

If you have installed a new version of Java, have you ensured that ALL bits of the old version have been removed

Do you have SP2 installed?

Which Java make and version does your system say is installed? (Java tester will tell you)

  oldgit1 19:52 13 Feb 2005

Hullo 961...
Don't know if all old Java off.
Yes - SP2 installed
Java cofiguration is Sun Microsystems version 1.5.0_01

In "Set programme access and defaults" where it says "Choose a virtual machine for Java" there is no Tick in the "Enable access to this programme" box..when I try to tick it it merely reverts to an empty box as soon as I close it.

Wife thought virtual tour comment very likely in event of failure..

  961 10:01 14 Feb 2005

click here has help files to establish problem

However, I imagine it is more likely that access is being denied by the many safety features built into IE6, SP2, your firewall, virus checker, and spyware killers.

As a start can I suggest looking at IE6 > Tools > Programmes > Manage add ons > settings, and update. You should be able to see if your Sun Java is listed and enabled, and also if another Java is listed and disabled. You can also try updating your Java from there

  961 10:15 14 Feb 2005

sorry, pressed wrong button

There is an java disabler in virtually every firewall and programmes such as Spybot search and destroy and spywareblaster, but if your java worked before it is unlikely to be one of these unless recently installed or updated

The list is endless but click here has several links to help, and if you type "java won't run" into google you'll find several links to help

Let's know if you crack the problem and what it turned out to be

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