Java - What is it?

  david4637 14:46 02 Apr 2003

IE5.5 SP2 View/Java Console displays the following -
Microsoft (R) VM for Java, 5.0 Release
I think the above is as a result of Downloading msjavx86.exe so I could access an Internet savings account
There are a number options like -
? help
c clear
f run finalizers
g garbage collect
m memory usage
q quit
t thread list
What do these do?
I am supposed to check the Java Control Panel – but I can not find it?
What is a Java Virtual Machine – I do not understand the java site terminology?
I tried looking at this web site click here but no graphic is displayed.
Some simple explanations would be much appreciated. Thanks David

  €dstow 14:48 02 Apr 2003

All you could want to know is here click here


  david4637 15:18 02 Apr 2003

Thanks €d for the link, I have looked at this site, but still find it confusing, hence my queries above. If you or anyone have any answers it would be appreciated. Thanks David

  €dstow 15:22 02 Apr 2003

I'm sure someone expert in Java will be along soon.


  anchor 17:09 02 Apr 2003

Have a look at my suggestion in the thread where you also posted your question:

click here

  david4637 16:53 03 Apr 2003

Please help answer my queries on java in simple terms. Thanks David

  david4637 20:56 07 Apr 2003


  Mysticnas 21:12 07 Apr 2003

ok i'm not expert in Java, only 4 yrs experience in Java programming...


Java is a form of programming language used to make software programs that run on your computer. Sun Systems developed Java a long time ago. It's kinda close to C language.

Basically, certain software applications that you may be using are written in Java. for any program to work the actual written code needs to be compiled. Aptly the the bit that does this is called the compiler. Anyway...
the programs written in Java code need to be compiled, and thus the JVM kicks in. it's a Java compiler. Without it the computer doesn't understand the Java code and ain't got a clue what to do with it.


think of the many different programming languages as different languages, eg French, english, german etc...

lets say the compilers are translators! you are the CPU that talks in simple language, lets call this simple language (for arguments sake) american.

i come to you telling you to do this and that but talking in English, you ain't got a clue what i'm saying. so the transalator (compliler (eg JVM)) tells you in a language easy for you to understand.

thats the simplest i can put off the top of my head!!!

hope this helps


  Mysticnas 21:22 07 Apr 2003

for the above analogy to work each transaltor only transaltes 1 language, as the each programming language has its own compiler!

  david4637 15:13 08 Apr 2003

Thanks that was easily understood, what is the file I downloaded msjavax.exe, is that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compiler you were referring too. Are there any other variants to this file I mentioned above. I still can not view the graphic on the above link. Any more ideas please. Thanks David

  anchor 16:14 08 Apr 2003

Try downloading the Java from Sun,

click here

The use their FAQ`s to sort out any problems for setup.

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