Java (TM) Update is this genuine/advisable?

  BILL WHITE 16:14 23 May 2005

On starting my computer I rcvd a message in my system tray stating that Java updates were available to download and that for security reasons I shd do so now. Clicking on 'details' elicited the followinf info:-

Java 2 Runtime Environment, v1.5.0_02-b09
This is 1.5.0_02-b09

Is this a genuine download or a ploy to get access to my pc?

I have a Dell Inspiron running XP SP2

Any advice wd be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Bill White

  Technotiger 16:30 23 May 2005

Hi, partly genuine, partly advertising ploy.
Very unlikely that you need it on your pc, I would ignore/get rid off.


  BILL WHITE 16:32 23 May 2005

OK Thanks, Technotiger, I'll do just that.

Bill White

  Technotiger 16:35 23 May 2005

OK you're welcome. I say partly genuine, only because some programs on the internet mostly, do need some Java Runtime Routines to show video and animations. Not a security issue though.


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