Java (Sun) or Microsoft VM ?

  provider 2 17:14 13 Feb 2009

This Java thing ... it`s about displaying web pages isn`t it? I wonder if my version of the PC Advisor banner is askew because I`m not using the Sun Systems(?) Java version, but Microsoft VM.

Can I have both and switch between them to see which does better, or is that a bad idea?

In IE 7> Tools> Advanced I have both these boxes ticked (default settings):

Java (Sun)
Use JRE 1.5.0 for applet> requires restart

Microsoft VM
JFT compiler for virtual machine enabled (requires restart)

Is there any security concern about this or is it simply a matter of choice? I used to get notifications about Java uodates but may have stopped them some time ago, or else something may have changed since updating to XP SP3, IE 7 and .NET framework 3.5

All thoughts welcome ...

  rdave13 17:18 13 Feb 2009

Latest Java; click here Don't have VM.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 13 Feb 2009

Use the Sun java it's much better.

  provider 2 17:29 13 Feb 2009

Thank you both for your swift responses ... not a lot of doubt about it , then.

  brundle 17:38 13 Feb 2009

I don't install it at all anymore, and don't miss it. Very few sites rely on it to work. I wonder why so many people seem to think they need it - am I missing something? There are some gaming and speed-test sites that require it, and a stocks'n'shares site I regularly have to troubleshoot for a family member - other than that, I don't see the need.

  Stuartli 17:41 13 Feb 2009

The Microsoft VM ceased to exist on December 31, 2007, giving way to Java.

If you wish to know why, see:

click here

  provider 2 22:56 13 Feb 2009

Thanks for that brundle and Stuartli,

This gets more complicated than I had imagined.

Firstly, this Java Runtime Environment that I have is no more than a partial substitute for the real thing, the Sun Microsystems Virtual Machine.

The update notifications that I used to get must have been for the Sun Java VM. They would never install, though.

There was a very good reason for that. I didn`t have it and still don`t, my copy of XP SP2 and IE 6 (that came pre-installed) were minus the Java VM, Ms having been sued by Sun Micro at the time for exceeding the terms of the licence agreement which did not cover XP sp2, and may not even have covered SP1.

Apparently, the court agreed, fined Ms an eye-watering sum and ordered the withdrawal of the Sun Java VM from future copies of XP SP2, one of which I clearly have, and Ms substituted its own Microsoft VM.

According to your click here, Stuartli, Sun Micro and Ms are chums again. I haven`t had time yet to go through the procedures for swopping over but a quick look suggests it may not be all that straightforward. I`ll need to check, though.

If, as brundle suggests it makes little diference, then, of course, I wonder if it will be worth the bother. On the other hand I have this small but irritating overlay of printing in the banner at the top of this page (the search box is completely obliterated by something in yellow about a free book), and some other sites have the same problem ... the first page of the RevoUninstaller site, for example.

Some more work needed on this one, I think. It`s always possible a change to Sun Java VM may not fix the problem.

  rdave13 23:10 13 Feb 2009

Uninstall MS VM. Uninstall Java (your out of date Java) through add/remove. Reboot and once all startup programs are loaded then install Java.
If you prefer, once rebooted and all programs loaded then run Ccleaner's reg cleaner. Reboot again and install Java from the link I provided.
Even Microsoft have gone hand in glove with Java as Stuartli has suggested.

  provider 2 23:23 13 Feb 2009

Thanks rdave13,

Sorry for the delayed response ... blasted AOL connection dropped out AGAIN and I think it may be curtains again very shortly ...

  anchor 09:00 14 Feb 2009

I still use only MS Virtual machine on my desktop. I have yet to find a site, using Java, in which it does not work. Leaner than real Java.

click here

  provider 2 12:01 14 Feb 2009

Progress Report:

Both good and well ... indifferent, in this modification.

I went directly to Java click here for information and to find out more about what Java is used for and whether I needed the Java VM or Microsoft VM, or both.

Turns out the Java RTE includes the VM, which cannot be downloaded separately. I can switch between them using the check boxes in Internet Options> Advanced but oddly, it recommends both Java RTE and Microsoft VM boxes should be ticked ... no explanation of that should be, though click here

No uninstall was required, simply an update to JRE 1.6_12 , I think it is, which went through automatically after checking on which version was installed on this machine.

I`ve switched off the Microsoft VM to see what effect running only the Java RTE has but so far, no difference whatsoever that I can see. The banner of the PC Advisor page is still a series of partially overlapping printed lines.

Comodo reported 99 new files and I hope this has been worth it ... the jury is still out.

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