java script gone wrong

  micklemouse 12:45 15 Feb 2004

I tried to insert a script thread for a mouse cursor trail on my website but it hasn't appeared for some reason; I've viewed the source but the text I pasted is not in there. The problem now is that when on the internet (anywhere) and I place my mouse over the text of a web page, the arrow has been replace by an upright line about 1cm with two short lines crossways top and bottom.

I know this sounds weird but I feel I've made a bad mistake; java can be very tricky I know and now I wish I hadn't done this.

When the mouse is over the links on a webpage I see the usual 'hand' pointer so that's ok.

  micklemouse 12:48 15 Feb 2004

just thought; I've got XP so would system restore solve this?

  Eric10 13:55 15 Feb 2004

The 'I' bar over text is normal. Mine does it and always has. The hand is normal for a link as is the pointer over blank space or pictures without a link.

By the way, most people find mouse trails irritating after the first few seconds.

  anon1 14:25 15 Feb 2004

you can make a mouse trail in the control panel so why mess around with java anyway

  micklemouse 16:16 15 Feb 2004

You have both put my mind to rest so thank you very much indeed. Bye!

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