Java - is it essential?

  jonem81 16:14 29 Aug 2012

I am interested in a recent article stating that Java is not necessary. Should I uninstall whatever Java I have....some problem with security? Is it needed for smooth video playback? Also, I don't use iTunes.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 29 Aug 2012
  Bapou 17:11 29 Aug 2012

Is your query based on The Register's report on browser security being vulnerable using Java? This only applies to version 7, (1.7), version 6 is said to be OK.

To be safe as Java looks to overcome the threat then disable the Java plug in in your browser. Not sure how to disable? Then follow instructions from How To Disable Java on Everything.

Is Java necessary? Certain websites will not open if Java is not installed. Some software may not work. That's the answer generally given without anything specific. I installed Java because BTYahoo denied me access to My Account without it. Have never experienced other than this before.

Nevertheless, have disabled my Java6 plug in in Chrome just in case. It can soon be activated rather than go to the bother of removing the program entirely.

  jonem81 17:16 29 Aug 2012

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jonem81

  jonem81 17:26 29 Aug 2012


Yes, in a way. I saw something on the website where it was suggesting that Java could cause virus problems, etc. I panicked thinking that my PC would be infected, hence my post to PCAdvisor website forum. I think I have auto-updates, but not sure. So Java 6 is OK? Thanks for your reply,


  woodchip 17:37 29 Aug 2012

Java can be a source of getting a Virus, can be turned of in Browsers. But some sites will not work if its not turned on

  jonem81 19:11 29 Aug 2012


Thanks, woodchip , I think I'll keep it!


  Muergo 04:20 31 Aug 2012

I think the BBC site uses it, and I use the BBC a lot so I have to have it, I like the logo as well!

  Pine Man 08:33 31 Aug 2012

One of the benefits of using Firefox is that it is very easy to disable all of the add-ons, including Java, then re-enable them if a program calls for it. That way you soon find out what is necessary or not.

My list of add-ons has dropped from about 20 to 5 and amongst those remaining is - Java!

  Bapou 15:54 31 Aug 2012

Java's security problem has now been resolved and the upgrade for this is available from the Java SE Downloads website

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