Java Automatic Update wants admin login

  CLONNEN 10:04 01 May 2010

Every day on my Windows 7 computer at work I get a Java Automatic Update wanting to install - but it wants an administrator login to proceed. It's been doing this for weeks now and the IT department just say they are working on it. Adobe Reader Update is also asking for admininstrator details but at least it doesn't ask every day.

Is there any way to either stop the update appearing every day OR to let it do the update without asking for admin details?

  ronalddonald 10:36 01 May 2010

Do you actually need the software, see if you can uninstall it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 01 May 2010

"my Windows 7 computer at work"

If its a work machine then its your IT dept. problem, I know my IT dept. takes a dim view of anyone messing with their machines.

The only way to get them to sort it is to badger them everyday.

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