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Java Appelet 1.3.1

  Daisy22 14:52 19 Nov 2003

I've just changed my ISP. My online banking feature worked perfectly with the old ISP but I cannot access it with the new ISP. It goes into the home page, I type in my codes etc. then I get a message come up saying "loading Java Appelet" then it comes back with an error message (which I have trouble understanding as it's in French). I have tried several things like Internet Options, Privacy, Advanced, over-riding both types of cookies but still it doesn't access it. I have Windows XP, my version of microsoft outlook is 6 (but I don't use outlook express as I've always had some problems with this, my ISP is now Wanadoo and everything else seems to work fine.

  Bald Eagle 18:59 19 Nov 2003

Can you help this lady folks? You cured my similar problem a few weeks ago but the cure doesn't seem to work for her. I recommended this site to her,so fingers crossed you'll find her a cure!

  johnnyrocker 19:06 19 Nov 2003

check if in tools/internet options/settings you have use a proxy server ticked, if so untick it as the banking systems have upgraded their security and takes exception to certain server types.


  Bald Eagle 23:14 19 Nov 2003

^ bump

  Daisy22 10:24 20 Nov 2003

I'm sorry Johnny Rocker, I tried what you suggested but I couldn't find anything that mentioned proxy server? I went through tools/I O/settings as you said. Perhaps it might be somewhere else?

  Daisy22 17:29 20 Nov 2003

Tried the Control Panel way, the proxy settings weren't ticked anyway so I don't think that is the problem. Any other suggestions anyone?

  Bald Eagle 18:24 20 Nov 2003


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