Simpsonleys 22:24 23 Apr 2005

Opera gives the option of installing with or without Java. Can someone tell me the pros and cons for installing with java. Thanks

  octal 22:29 23 Apr 2005

You may already have Javasun installed on your computer, so there would be no point in downloading it again, this site will test it for you: click here

Of course, its a smaller download without Javasun.

  Simpsonleys 22:32 23 Apr 2005

I was really after whether it is advisable to install Java - does it pose any threat to security etc

  octal 22:42 23 Apr 2005

Not really a threat, why not install Opera without Java it if its not already on your computer and install Java if its needed? Its used in some chat rooms and certain other on-line applications like data bases. I do use it occasionally. Most computers its already installed, if you test it on my link and it says its an old version its worth upgrading to the new version because there was some security issues with the old version.

  Simpsonleys 22:46 23 Apr 2005

I'll test it as you suggest

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