IwEngInit failed

  olympian 17:05 21 Jun 2003

This relates to a failed internet browser. How to rectify the fault?

  powerless 17:06 21 Jun 2003

Tell us more info first.

Operating system?

Where do you see this error?

What wre you doing at the time when this error occured?

  VoG® 17:09 21 Jun 2003

And what internet browser and version please...

  olympian 17:18 22 Jun 2003

This message appears on logging onto AOL version 5 (with its built-in MS IE 5.0) under Windows 95. It appears the IE 5.0 has somehow been damaged such that no removal or update is possible. The only Internet use is AOL email and newsgroups as long as no Web Browser is involved. Anything that requires Web Browser is a no go area. Reinstall IE 5 or AOL CD got nowhere. The documentation on Google is patchy and offers no solution to rectify this fault. This reply is sent via Windows 98SE online.

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