Ive uninstalled norton!

  pac73 18:32 15 May 2006

Ive uninstalled nis 2006,and ive installed avg and zonealarm.Do you think avg and za will protect me as good as norton?And do you think ive picked the right free av and firewall?

  Devil Fish 18:43 15 May 2006

they will provide adequate protection though i would also suggest adding antispyware to that as well

links to a couple for you

click here
click here

  961 18:51 15 May 2006

so long as you ensure that you update avg every day

Many prefer Avast for a virus checker that does update without trouble, but the actual avg system is just as good if updated regularly

  palinka 18:51 15 May 2006

Simple answer - YES.
I protect my system with those (actually, to tell the truth, I now use Sygate personal firewall instead of ZA - just a personal preference after trying both) and have had no problems.
From time to time I also run antispyware - but you'd probably do that with Norton, too.
The friends I've advised to switch from Norton to AVG are happy they made the switch - it's cheaper AND, more important to many of them, easier to understand.
There will be replies to your thread suggesting Avast is better than AVG, but having tried both I'd say what you have is fine; stick with it.

  pac73 18:52 15 May 2006

Devilfish,ive got windows defender and spybot,plus adaware and spywareblaster.Ive also got ewido.That should be enough protection surely?Thanks anyway m8.

  palinka 18:52 15 May 2006

You can set AVG to do an automatic update.

  pac73 18:55 15 May 2006

Palinka,does it update automatically by default.Or do i need to do something?

  961 19:00 15 May 2006

it does update automatically, but on occasions the free avg updater seems to get overwhelmed and unable to cope.

I used avg free for several years but eventually found that I was finding the updater was unable to connect and I had to do it manually, more and more often. Not a good idea

I believe the paid for version works fine but, of course, you need to pay for it

If you have installed it, just keep an eye that it is updating without trouble every day. So long as it does, fine. Otherwise buy the pay version or switch to Avast

  pac73 19:30 15 May 2006

Cheers 961,ill keep an eye on it.

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