I've not been on the sauce I swear.............

  Rufus Tanner 22:45 22 Dec 2003

....I put my sister's PC together about a week ago and installed XP on it (all went well). Now for the Outer Limits bit......it's turning itself on.
I've tried giving the PC a thorough shaking and banging (ooh matron!) to see if anything is shorting out inside, but nothing. The only problem I encountered was the blaster worm virus but i think I've successfully cleaned it off and updated XP with the security patch.
It's all going horribly wrong.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:49 22 Dec 2003

Does it turn on when the phone rings?

Check the BIOS for something like "wake on LAN" or "wake on modem" etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:50 22 Dec 2003

PS... tomato ketchup never made me think that my PC stated up by itself...

  hugh-265156 22:58 22 Dec 2003

as above check the bios.

also check to see if your mouse is set up to wake the computer in

control panel/system/hardware/device manager

right click your mouse/power management and see if its enabled here

i have a wooden floor and if i stomp into the room to heavy the computer turns on.

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