I've Made A DriveImage Image - Now What?

  jimforrest 13:36 31 Oct 2013

After rescuing my laptop from a complete crash that wrecked Win7 (with a lot of help from the Bods on this site), I have now made a complete image on an external HDD of my C drive using DriveImage.

(I tried doing it in Windows and it always said that it failed because a file is missing - and Paragon seems to only be able to put the image on the host comps C drive, or a network drive, or a DVD - it can't see a USB external HDD).

I now have the image and it's in two files - an XML file, and a Dat file. It seems that I can search the image and put back bits of the image - which sounds good. BUT - it seems I can only do any form of restore if Win7 is running as I need to run DriveImage from the host computer! Not much cop if it's crashed.

Has anyone used this software - and if so can it be reloaded onto a 'dead' comp. Or should I look for a different imaging system?

  lotvic 13:45 31 Oct 2013

You will find this tutorial guide useful I hope, scroll down to: "In this part of the tutorial we will cover how to restore a cloned image of your original hard drive to another hard drive after a hard disk failure" click here

  jimforrest 14:37 31 Oct 2013

Lotvic - that link goes to a company called Misco Systems.

  onthelimit1 14:56 31 Oct 2013

JF - not for me - take me to the bleepingcomputer tutorial for DriveImage! Think you may have a redirect on your computer.

  jimforrest 15:14 31 Oct 2013

I tried again Onthelimit - and it went to bleepingcomputer this time. (Thanks Lotvic - very complicated but useful).

So if I have a 'redirect' - how do I find/delete it?

  woodchip 15:20 31 Oct 2013

If you used Acronis, you would only need to start the PC with CD in Drive and USB connected, to restore from, Just remember that Image should be on first Partition on a External Drive for Acronis to see it

  bumpkin 16:01 31 Oct 2013

I use Paragon for backing up to external USB HDD with no problems. Acronis is very good also but I find Paragon simpler. You can make a Paragon boot disk as with Acronis.

  jimforrest 17:18 31 Oct 2013

Bumpkin - I've looked at making the recovery disk for DriveImage and it's just so complex - there must be an easier way.

So I looked at Paragon B&R again. Going through the screens - select Backup - then select C drive to be backed up - then select Save data to local/network drives - then select Backup destination (but it only lists the C drive to be copied and any networked computers. It can't 'see' the HDD connected by USB). If I choose Save Data To Physical Partition it only shows the C drive to be backed up. If I select Burn TO CD, DVD it only shows the optical drive.

I'm blowed if I can get it to find the USB drive Drive F. Am I missing something?

  bumpkin 20:29 31 Oct 2013

Hi jim, just done this as a test on my pc. Shutdown, reboot then connect the external usb drive it shows in Computer as another drive. Paragon backup sees it and gives me options as to what to back up where. Is your PC seeing the usb drive at all to start with, look in Computer to see if it is listed.

  rdave13 20:46 31 Oct 2013

Here's the manual for the free version, link, make sure you create an image, not the 'capsule' or a clone. Create a destination folder on your external drive and name it to what you will remember what it is. Create the image (.arc files) to the folder you created on the external drive. Create the Paragon recovery disc. You can try it out. Connect your backup drive to usb and insert the Paragon rescue disc then (making sure the PC boots to DVD drive first) the rescue disc will find the image within your folder on the external drive. You can always cancel the proceedings. Remember that 'a complete backup' is a clone not an image with Paragon. Cloning is hd to hd. Image is hd to folder.

  bumpkin 21:20 31 Oct 2013

lots of useful info there from rdave but before you can do anything paragon has to be able to see the drive that you wish to write to.

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