I've lost some important information

  Hal 9000 20:03 13 Mar 2003

I have just written a very important email but tried to send it and wouldn't (through online webmail) but did not send now the long email has now disappeared. How can i check in windows what i have typed on the keyboard recently (or some other method) to get it back.
Please help.

  spikeychris 20:09 13 Mar 2003

You can't....


  Patr100 20:19 13 Mar 2003

I am afraid that often for security reasons, it is not possible as far as I know to retrieve such information - the back button might have worked but more likely not -

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:25 13 Mar 2003

click here and it's free.


  spikeychris 20:28 13 Mar 2003

Your work was obviously important to you and my reply might read a little abrupt. I worked with a guy who nearly convinced me once that there is a way, involving the root directory and some hex deciphering, after working on it for nearly two weeks I discovered it is just not possible.

Apologies for two word answer but it brought back bad memory's ;o)

It's always a good idea to right click and copy the text in web-mail first and hit send.


  Patr100 20:30 13 Mar 2003

Looks a useful program perhaps but isn't the problem with webmail not OE so you would need somthing to pull it out of the browser cache - assuming it were in there ?

  AndyJ 20:55 13 Mar 2003

I may be misreading something, but how did you know it didn't send it? Did it begin to send and just disappear? Did your connection drop? Your computer crash? Or what?

Have you tried looking in your Outbox to make sure it's not still lurking in there, or indeed, your Sent Items folder just to make sure it didn't crawl its way in there?

Incidentally, what web mail was it?

You may already have done all these. Just asking just in case.

  wee eddie 23:06 13 Mar 2003


Next time.

Compose your e-mail on your word processor, then copy and paste it into the webmail box.

  Condor 22:56 14 Mar 2003

You may have been getting timed out by your e-mail administrator, its a most common thing with some.
The very best way to compose long e-mails is to do as wee eddie says and copy from a w/p.
Then if things go wrong then you can recover them more easily.
Tip. look in explorer/windows/recent. for your most recent work if you forgot to save, or if things go wrong.
Good luck.

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