ive lost my drives (cd and floppy)

  zhangdan 11:32 16 Oct 2003

Ive lost my cd roms and a:\ drives for along time now they are there and they open and close but windows refuses to detect them so far i have:
1.checked bios for them
2.tried to auto detect them
3.tried regedit and searched for NOIDE
4.cleared my comp of all known viruses.
5.updated the drivers for them
6.tried to find them in device manager (but all thats there is "generic NEC floppy " which also dosnt work)
I really could use some help im using windows ME with 500mb ram and AMD chipset.

  mark e 11:44 16 Oct 2003

Are they recognised in the bios ?

  zhangdan 11:53 16 Oct 2003

yes they are thanks mark,as in 1.checked bios for them

  mark e 11:56 16 Oct 2003

When did it start?
have you changed / installed anything. and have you tried system restore to a time prior to the problem.

  zhangdan 12:04 16 Oct 2003

well it started about four months ago very close to the time i downloaded a game from kazaa (was a recent game).
with recent games they have a cd protection shceme now i was wondering if to play the game without cd`s the hacker had to bypass the cd drives and also i was wondering if it went through the a:/ to run as that wont work for me either,this is just my opinion and i am abit green with pc`s.
As for system restore ive done that right back to when i brought the pc.
Ive also reloaded the factory and optimal settings in setup which did nothing?

i really hope i can sort this soon as its really starting to get to me

  mark e 12:06 16 Oct 2003

Its time to hand this one over. Sorry I can't do more?

  zhangdan 14:40 16 Oct 2003

ok mark well thanks for taking the time to reply and your not the only one imagine how many ppl after four months that have helped me and not had any success,but i will not give up something somehow will make my pc work again!

  woodchip 15:03 16 Oct 2003

What Operating System

  woodchip 15:05 16 Oct 2003

Sorry just seen it, Have you tried running the Win ME over it's self, Reinstall it will not kill your programs. But you will not be able to do this if it's a restore disc

  woodchip 15:07 16 Oct 2003

if the cd is recognised in dos then it should load WinME in dos. Change the boot order in BIOS to start with CD as first boot device and start the comp with the WinME disc in the comp

  zhangdan 15:11 16 Oct 2003

how can i do this woodchip?ive not tried this before and it sounds like it might work

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