I've lost my birdsong!

  ennnceee 05:43 29 Dec 2014

Hello, I've just had the OS reinstalled on my desktop. Previously I had somehow managed to install some birdsong, which was, as it were, ever present. Well, not continuously, but regularly while the PC was awake. Now, I can't recall where I would have got it from or exactly how it was installed. It's not of great importance, but I do miss it and would like to reinstall if possible.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  Batch 08:54 29 Dec 2014

Not necessarily the same as what you've lost, but try BBC birdsong

Else, try googling "bird song downloads free mp3" and you'll find plenty more to choose from.

(google is your friend)

  wee eddie 12:51 29 Dec 2014

Was this it: Birdsong FM

  ennnceee 08:24 30 Dec 2014

Don't think it was a screesaver,Eddie, thanks, but will try that Batch. Thanks.

  ennnceee 07:44 03 Jan 2015

I'be found some MP3s, and downloaded, but can't figure out now how to install!

  Batch 08:40 03 Jan 2015

You'll need to play MP3s using a music / media player.

Maybe you previously had some sort of animated wallpaper (effectively the image that you see on the desktop) that included some embedded sounds. If that's the case, we'll be shooting in the dark without more info.

Having said that, you can google "birdsong desktop" and see what comes up. For example Birdsong Radio

  wee eddie 11:33 03 Jan 2015

ennncee: it's not a Screensaver. If you wait a few seconds, you'll get a woodland soundscape. If you click on the link ~ Top Left ~ you'll get access to several more soundscapes.

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