I've lost a chunk of my hard drive!

  BrightonAndy 15:44 08 Jan 2008

My 80GB hard drive failed and I fitted a new 160GB one. I then restored a backup image of the old disk using Norton Ghost. It all worked brilliantly except that my new hard drive is only 80GB now!

Can anyone advise how I can recover the missing part of the disk either as a seperate partition r by extending the 80GB partition?

I don't want to have to restore Windows XP as it defeats the object of the disk image backup.

  cream. 15:48 08 Jan 2008

Right click my computer / manage / disk management. have you got some space to the right of your "C" drive?

If you have what options do you have when you right click on that space?

  BrightonAndy 15:56 08 Jan 2008

Thanks for the quick reply.

Under My Computer I don't have a manage option (using XP). Am I missing something?

  Crash 15:58 08 Jan 2008

go to control panel- administrative tools - computer management- storage- disk management

  cream. 16:01 08 Jan 2008

' Under My Computer I don't have a manage option (using XP). '

It should be there, when you right click my computer.

  BrightonAndy 20:01 08 Jan 2008

Thank you very much everybody - just me being thick!

I've followed the instructions and created another partition of about 60GB.

Just goes to prove how easy it is when you know how!

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