I've Lost 4.3 Gb of Hard Disc Space

  swanson2 13:47 07 Jan 2005


My PC Spec is

AMD 1700XP + 512Mb Ram + 2 x 40Gb Hard Drives + Windows XP SP2.

I have recently purchased an external USB2 DVD recorder which appears to work well and I have been experimenting with it.

Yesterday I downloaded and installed a shareware DVD copier programme called "1Click-DVD-Copy".

I used it to try and copy a 7.9Gb pre recorded DVD Movie which it was supposed to do by compressing the data and writing it back to a standard 4.7Gb disk.

It seemed to work OK but as I am not interested in copying DVD's and was just experimenting I later removed the programme from my PC.

When I turned my PC on today I discovered that my hard drive space was 4.3Gb less than before I used the DVD copier.

I have carefully searched through the files on the offending drive but can not find the "missing" 4.3Gb.

I have also carried out a system restore which has made no difference.

Everything else appears to be working OK.

Can anyone advise me how I might locate and delete the files that are using my "missing" 4.3Gb.


  ACOLYTE 13:55 07 Jan 2005

It seems the program didnt delete the temp file i made of the dvd,you could try looking in the programs folder in your c/ drive for a folder with the name of the app you installed it may well have left it there.

  swanson2 16:02 07 Jan 2005


I've looked at every programme in the Programs folder to no avail but thanks for trying.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:12 07 Jan 2005

Temporary File Cleaners:-
Crap Cleaner click here may locate and reclaim your lost space.

  Xevious 16:15 07 Jan 2005

if you're running norton system works, it is quite likely holding it in store in case you needed to restore the files.

if so, right-click on the recycle bin and select something that reads something like "empty norton protected documents" or something like that.

let us know

  Noelg23 16:20 07 Jan 2005

do not look in the programs folder...like ACOLYTE says it should be located in your C drive but in a location like C:\Temp or the title of the DVD. thats where its most likely to be stored. otherwise do a search...

  THE TERMINATOR 16:22 07 Jan 2005

Try looking at C:\Documents and settings\Your name folder\Local settings\Temp(you will have to change folder options to show hidden files and folders). Or it could be in C:\My Documents folde Or C:\Windows\Temp folder....TT

  pj123 16:41 07 Jan 2005

Maybe another idea is to make another DVD copy of the same file but this time make a note of where it is saving the image file. If you now lose another 4.3gb of hard disk space that is the answer, but at least you now know where it is being saved and can delete it.

I don't use the same programme as you, I use Sonic MyDVD but it makes a temporary folder called Video and saves the image file there.

Once I have burned the file to DVD I can delete this file. I have found though, that when I next burn another file I get a message saying that the folder already contains an image file and do I want to overwrite. I say yes and it overwrites the old file with the new one.

  swanson2 17:18 07 Jan 2005

Thanks For All Your Help.

I finally tracked it down in the Application Data Folder where it was stored as "hidden files".

I have now retrieved my missing 4.3GB.

Incidently does anyone recommend any other DVD copying software such as Sonic MyDVD as mentioned by pj123.

Thanks again

  Noelg23 17:32 07 Jan 2005

go for DVD santa I have just downloaded it and as we speak it is converting an AVI file to DVD so I can burn it to a DVD disc...so when I get back home from work in a couple of hours is should be ready for me to burn to disc...

  Noelg23 17:44 07 Jan 2005

just forgot...when you download this you must download some codecs, such as DivX and another one recommened on the dvd santa site click here

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