I've Killed my laptop, haven't I?

  The Potter 23:02 26 Nov 2012

Please no lectures!

At the end of a very bad day last week, I fell asleep on the floor and knocked some wine over the plugged in and powered up laptop on the floor beside me. How much, I can't be sure. I do remember seeing the desktop flicker and then nothing. I unplugged the LT (forgetting the fully charged battery) and turned it upside down to remove any wine. I was tired so then went to bed.

Next morning the green battery light was still on but nothing happened when I tried to turn it on. I tipped it up again and a little more wine came out and I left it in front of a blow heater to dry out for a few hours.

That was Thursday and I've had it tipped up ever since hoping it would dry out and work but no luck.

Tonight I opened it up and was surprised at the absence of any red residue (other info sites suggest even if it worked I should wash it as the residue will eat away at it), anyway, I cleaned the inside with pressured air and a static free cloth but still no luck.

The green battery light still comes but no action. I have probably short circuited it haven't I?

I'm ready to give up my C'mas bonus and buy a new one but don't want to rush to do that if anyone thinks there is any hope.


  lotvic 00:54 27 Nov 2012

Doesn't sound good. If you are sure you've cleaned wine off I suggest you leave it in airing cupboard for a week and then try it again. (you do not need the harddrive in to try it. Without the harddrive it will just boot up to the bios screen and tell you that it can't find an operating system - to switch it off again just hold in the power button for about 10 secs until it powers down)

  The Potter 01:34 27 Nov 2012

Thanks again lotvi. Unfortunately because I live in a very old house I don't have an airing cupboard as such. I have seen alternatives such as bags of rice though.

As you have seen my other post on the HD though, that part about it not needing the HD was VERY helpful, it gives me the option of not rushing out to buy a new laptop (I have a PC perfectly capable of doing the same job I believe, the laptop was only being used as a DAW) and I can give the laptop a month or so, I think, and can still test it :)

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of my posts, you have made me very happy as I shall now probably get away with using my C'mas bonus for a treadmill which I've planned for months and then pick up a laptop in the January sales if I need to. :)


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