i've just added more ram - 2 problems

  pookie 09:18 01 Feb 2003

I've a 1.9xp, 256Mb ddr, windows98se and geforce 4 ti4200 64mb. I have new drivers, etc. Mobo is ecs k7 s5a.
I've just added another 256 mb ddr from crucial. Windows and sisoft sandra both recognise the new ram and show total 511 mb ddr with no conflicts (that I can see). Programs do seem to be visibly quicker.

1) - my 3DMark2001 SE score has gone down from 9450 to 9350 - surely this shouldn't be right. Funny thing is that some parts of the test are visibly quicker.
2) - under sisoft sandra - mainboard information - temperature sensors - I used to have 3 readings - now I just have 2 ie cpu temp (25C) and power/aux temp (43C). I can't remember what the third reading used to be. Have I dislodged anything or done something stupid when inserting the ram. The 2 temps I mentioned are normal for me and so is fan spped of 2909.

any ideas on the above 2 questions? Thanks.

  AMD 4 ever 09:31 01 Feb 2003

1) Have you installed any anti-virus pogs or firewalls since, ifso then disable them for the purpose of the test.
If it feels quicker then I wouldn't worry tto much about the test, if you visually notice an improvement then that is good enough for me!

  binkitone 10:41 01 Feb 2003

I have a 1.2GhzAMD with 128MBDDR and also Windows98se, I thought there was some doubt (memory management) added RAM above 256MB if using Windows98se? as I also what to upgrade? You seem to prove its O.K. Is there a limit?

  pookie 12:24 01 Feb 2003

hi guys
thanks for replies

I rebooted again the third temp reading was there - it's board temp. And yes, I am happy with added ram even if 3d score is lower.

binkitone - my understanding from past posts is that 98se will take 512mb ram ok - anything over that and it will not be used properly and can actually slow the system down and give memory error warnings.

thanks again

  pookie 14:24 02 Feb 2003

I've run 3d test again and it's down another 100 points. Whilst I'm not overly concerned - do I need to change anything in the bios to reflect I've added more ram? As I mentioned earlier - windows and sisoft sandra both show 512mb.


  AMD 4 ever 16:40 02 Feb 2003

try cacheman, it is a memory management tool, it is very good!

  Gongoozler 16:52 02 Feb 2003

pookie, increasing your ram from 256M to 512 may not cause any serious problems in Windows 98se, but because of the poor memory management of that OS, it is unlikely to result in any significant improvement, so if your games are running better then you are doing well. Searching via Google for "Windows 98 memory" finds several references to the problem. If you want to handle such large amounts or memory efficiently you will have to buy Windows XP.

  jediknight007 17:01 02 Feb 2003

Don't bother with your 3D score decrease of 100. As long as your programs run faster, you should be happy. I might not be correct but 512MB doesn't necessarily mean that your PC will perform twice as fast as with 256MB.

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