I've had enough internet-giving it a rest.

  Aitchbee 18:54 22 Feb 2011

Just tried to go from dial-up to mobile bb but got virus warnings ( seriously thinking of pulling the plug on virgin and whole internet scene. Im fed up with the hassle. I will be saving £40 a month - I am pondering...

  Al94 19:00 22 Feb 2011

No broadband?

  Aitchbee 19:15 22 Feb 2011

As I said, trying to go mobile broadband with virgin but got virus alerts when plugged in usb modem. it dismays me somewhat. the alcatel modem supplied by virgin blinks orange on and off - it does not connect.I have been using the internet for about 14yrs.

  bremner 19:22 22 Feb 2011
  birdface 11:00 23 Feb 2011

You have tried it on three different machines ,Do they all have the same anti-virus program or all different.
I must admit it seems a bit of a rant.You have been told to remove your Anti-virus and see if it would connect Ok without it.
Nor really got a clue about dongles maybe you have to update the driver for it.
Virgin are putting up all of their prices in April so now would be the best time to give your months notice to be disconnected if that is what you want to do.
Could it possibly be that you are in a bad reception area for picking up the virgin signal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 23 Feb 2011

So now you've fixed your little problem with the virgin dongle are you happy to be back on the net?

  birdface 11:14 23 Feb 2011

Sim card in the wrong way.
Maybe close both post's now.

  Uboat 12:03 23 Feb 2011

last month i ordered two contract phones one blackbery for the wife & a HTC Desire for me,they was both via virgin!

I also have a contract mobile through Vodaphone which is due to expire soon, when i got the phones they was great i loved them BUT the signal was terrible on my HTC?

it maxed at a steady two bars out of 5? whilst my vodaphone was on full almost all the time? so i contacted them and said ive just took out a £1320 two year contract for the two phones & about 60% of the time ive got no signal? what can u do to sort this for me?

they said there is nothing they can do so i said ok i am within my 30 day returns policy so i will return them, they was very hesitant about it tbh! they said oh i think your out of your two weeks limit? i said i doubt it ive got 30 days not 2 weeks! they looked into it & saw i was in time! Phew!
why advertise a service when they are not offering a decent signal? i also noticed the mobile BB was pathetic on Virgin!

  dagbladet 14:06 23 Feb 2011

Let's just clarify after the OP had a particularly nonsensical rant in the 'helproom' he revealed that he had the SIM card upside down and there was nothing wrong with the Virgin signal.

Uboat if you want to jump on the 'rant at Virgin' bandwagon you might find more (if any) interest in 'Consumerwatch'.

Before you go though. What did you want Virgin to do?

  [email protected] 14:38 23 Feb 2011

I'm sure there are many places where Virgin provide a good signal, and Vodafone a not so good signal.

It is always wise when changing to a new mobile network to try and find out what the signal is like in the area you live by testing it on a friend's phone who happens to be with the said network.

  birdface 15:24 23 Feb 2011

Brother in law got a new phone from Vodaphone and the signal was very poor.
he asked at the shop if there was any way of improving the signaland they sold him a plug in the wall signal booster.
Just asked him how he was getting on with it and he tells me he is getting a good signal now.
Cost him £18 but I think they are usually about £80.
But because he was a customer he got it cheaper.

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