I've got a rampant rodent.

  Sapins 17:57 15 Oct 2004

My optical mouse which has behaved itself since I installed it, about 4 months ago, has now decided to move the pointer all over the screen at random and sometimes lock up, I have to wait a few seconds or move the mouse about to get it to respond.

Any help bringing this rodent to heel will be appreciated.

  Sapins 20:46 15 Oct 2004

Thanks all for your replies!

No batteries, corded mouse, I have cleaned the sensor window, I have used a sheet of plain paper to use it on since I installed it, no broken tail either, I don't mistreat my animals :-) BUT, I think the USB cable into the keyboard could have been a bit loose, I have a sliding shelf for the keyboard and this could possibly have loosened the cable.

I will use it for a while and see if that was the problem.

  Sapins 21:20 15 Oct 2004

The mouse is connected to the keyboard,(wish I had time to set this to the song, toe bone connected to the foot bone) the keyboard is on a sliding shelf which I slide under the desk when I am finished using the computer, hence cable, which is looped to back of said keyboard can be moved each time I slide in, or out, the sliding shelf, now do you understand :-) I have only just bought this one so I'm not inclined to change it yet.

JonnyTub, my mouse is intellectually challenged, it can't read, besides I only have a copy of the Daily Mail, think what that would do to it's optical sensor!!

  Sapins 22:08 15 Oct 2004

Tried your suggestion, immediately I pressed settings the pointer froze with an "egg timer" next to it, I had to wait a few seconds to be able to move it again!

I think I will try re-installing the software for the mouse, see what that does.

Will have to leave this till tomorrow now, thanks for all the help folks,



  Sapins 10:54 16 Oct 2004

I changed the USB port for the mouse but it made no difference, I then cleaned the sensor window and that seems to have done the trick, the little mickey is now behaving himself.

dan 11, I'll bear in mind your "cheddar cheese" suggestion if he gets over excited again but you didn't say which key to put it on! Esc? Ctrl? Shift?

Thanks for all the replies,



  Sapins 16:02 22 Oct 2004

Now just hold on a cotton-pickin minute there, only one free signed copy? (that's devalued it straight away )what about a share of the royalties or some commission? or are you taking the mickey?

I'm also sorry to say that the said mickey is misbehaving again, every now and then the mouse pointer freezes for 3/4 seconds and then resumes normal service, any further help/suggestions gratefully received,



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