I've got a rampant rodent.

  Sapins 17:57 15 Oct 2004

My optical mouse which has behaved itself since I installed it, about 4 months ago, has now decided to move the pointer all over the screen at random and sometimes lock up, I have to wait a few seconds or move the mouse about to get it to respond.

Any help bringing this rodent to heel will be appreciated.

  Noelg23 18:00 15 Oct 2004

try changing the batteries...thats if its a cordless mouse...I know thats what mine does when the batteries get low...but Rampant Rodent...haha thats one for the books...

  Dorsai 18:10 15 Oct 2004

If a corded rodent, could it have a broken tail?

  JonnyTub 18:30 15 Oct 2004

Have you changed the surface it's being used on?

  Dorsai 18:40 15 Oct 2004

Try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q

and see if a menu comes up for 'crazy mouse'.....

Of mahaps, a bit of detritus caught in the sensor?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:52 15 Oct 2004

My optical trackball becomes a little erratic when dust gets on to the sensor window. But rampant? No, just won't do as it's told!

  Dorsai 19:02 15 Oct 2004

My rampent rodent is currently standing on top of his nest box, licking places i cant personally reach on my body, even if i wanted to.

I think he read my mind, he is now throwing food pellets at me.

  stalion 19:21 15 Oct 2004

there's just no answer to this heading lol

  Sapins 20:46 15 Oct 2004

Thanks all for your replies!

No batteries, corded mouse, I have cleaned the sensor window, I have used a sheet of plain paper to use it on since I installed it, no broken tail either, I don't mistreat my animals :-) BUT, I think the USB cable into the keyboard could have been a bit loose, I have a sliding shelf for the keyboard and this could possibly have loosened the cable.

I will use it for a while and see if that was the problem.

  Noelg23 20:55 15 Oct 2004

not sure how the keyboard can cause the mouse to go all funny but hey whatever floats your boat go for it...personally I would change the mouse...

  JonnyTub 20:55 15 Oct 2004

"a sheet of plain paper"

I think optical mice work by recognising differences in the surface they rest, plain paper wouldn't offer the differences they expect. Try using it on a bit of newspaper or something nice and colourful.

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