I've got the jitters!

  mco 19:49 04 Sep 2003

please help - not technical minded at all - got tower upgraded and have 1300 processor 20G harddrive 256ram plus kept old 16x cdrom and old 32m harddrive. Monitor and keyboard original 5 years old. Mouse cheap £3 discount store ps2. Got bt homenetwork pc adaptor for broadband (works ok) Problems: screen shakes sometimes when I wordprocess and mouse freezes. Have searched helproom and wonder if mouse freezes cos Im doing too much at once - but why screen shake? Is my monitor past it? Should I buy a better mouse? Is it the broadband? Have I been 'done' on the upgrade? Thanx!

  keith-236785 20:24 04 Sep 2003

cant say for certain but it could be your monitor on its way out, check the tightness of the connection between monitor and computer, also might be your graphic card needs and re-seating, just to get a good connection. if possible try a different PCI slot.

get someone to help if it scares you, or take it back to where you had the upgrade fitted and ask them to check it out

doubt if it will be the mouse but it could be possible. check all wires to the back of your pc, its easy for one of them to work loose.

good luck

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