I've got an energy conservation light...

  ddd3 14:40 21 Feb 2004

...and it doesn't like it when the power drops. In fact it goes off when there's a heavy drain on the mains power, like when it's very cold, like now...

And that's how I've noticed that I have a cheery glow inside my computer. It rises and falls, but I don't know what with, I can only see it through the ports in the back of the computer. All I know for sure is that it's not there during POST but it is during the OS load. I don't recall anything inside having an LED but that doesn't mean they haven't.

Yeah, I know, the easy thing to do is to take the sides off and have a look, but since I'm on here right now, I thought I'd ask. Anyone know what it might be?

  hugh-265156 14:48 21 Feb 2004

ethernet port maybe?

  Belatucadrus 14:48 21 Feb 2004

If it's not an LED or neon of some description you are probably in the clag as the number of internal PC components likely to glow spontaneously while working properly under normal conditions is nil.

  sat481 15:03 21 Feb 2004

Some motherboards come with a built in test and the results and progress of this is shown on two LED display (you know like the old watches that light up) that display a 2 digit code. Maybe this is what your seeing.


  ddd3 15:13 21 Feb 2004


OK, When Huggy suggested the ethernet port I thought maybe I'd take a look to see exactly where the glow was coming from...

It was coming from a USB socket. I got a 'memory key' device from a Japanese friend at Christmas. I plugged it in and didn't think twice about it cos it worked first time. Hopefully it's got an LED in it somewhere. Anyone read Japanese around here?! I feel an email coming on...

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