i've been hacked after disabling firewall

  xtreme_computing 22:27 11 Dec 2003

after reading about people disabling their firewall, i followed their advice and now i have been hacked

i had zonealarm and norton av which is upto date

i disabled ZA

used the internet for about a weak and started noticing things going wrong, my computer would slow down allot while i was online, and i have bb.

i don't have allot of important information on my computer only the usual ms money files adn some office files i use for my business.i now cannot access my money files and statements,because the passwords have been changed and the file has been modified according to the date i last used them.

i have looked at the packet transfer and i have more sent than recieved..there is defenatley something or someone on my system.i have scanned with norton antvirus but nothing was found, but i have noticed that norton will not auto update any more.i have now had to use another computer to send this message as i don't want to go online with my computer incase of intrusion

i have now booked the computer in to be seen by a technicion at pcworld, i hope they can sort out this horrible mess

this has proved to me that home-users are not safe

  VoG II 22:34 11 Dec 2003

I'm very sorry for you but WHY? Ffee firewalls are available and they only slow you down marginally. I do hope that you have backups on removable media as PCW will probably reformat your hard drive.

Powerless and Gandalf - please note.

  powerless 22:41 11 Dec 2003


However i have a sneaky feeling that it is a simple case of forgeting the password, a system change gone wrong, ask a family member, etc

The chances of you being "hacked" to coincide with my thread...you do the maths!

Simply turn the firewall "ON" and see if big daddys, phoning home.

"The forum is populated by fellow computer users, and if you act upon any advice you are given in the forum threads you do so entirely at your own risk. The opinions expressed by registered forum users and the Forum Editor are not necessarily those of IDG Communications Ltd., and the company will not be liable for the consequences of following advice given in this forum by other registered users. You are advised to back up critical data files before making any changes to software or hardware configurations, and to consider seeking professional advice before taking legal action in respect of recommendations made by forum users in the Consumerwatch forum."

  plsndrs3 22:56 11 Dec 2003

I have to say that many of the postings on the original thread advised Powerless NOT to do this & explained why. I also am fully aware of Gandalf's [sorry for not pasting the exact format] view on this and he make sense - but don't tell him I said so :o) Personal computers tend NOT to be of interest to hackers.

The decision to turn of ZA was yours and posters to the original string made it perfectly clear what the dangers could be. However, in view of G's [many] previous postings on this matter and some made by Powerless, I agree that the odds of anyone on a home pc not using something like Kazaa or any other P2P being hacked are remote.

I note that you have not blamed Powerless & have read your posting along the lines of a warning to others. However, why go to PC World? Why not just switch ZA back on & deny access rights to any *possible* new programs?


  Forum Editor 22:58 11 Dec 2003

advised you to disable your firewall did they? There were certainly a couple of threads about people doing it, but that's a different thing.

No technician at PC World is going to be able to tell whether you've been hacked or not, and personally I would be astonished if you had - although it's theoretically possible.

The whole subject of personal firewalls is a complex one, and although some forum users choose not to use them I don't personally advocate doing without one. I have certainly run tests where I've worked without a firewall for quite long periods, and have not suffered any ill effects, but that was done for a specific purpose - related to work I do for my clients - and doesn't mean that I endorse going naked into the internet.

  plsndrs3 23:38 11 Dec 2003

"doesn't mean that I endorse going naked into the internet." - so, you're claiming those pictures are fakes now? ROTFLMAO


  tulix 23:44 11 Dec 2003

I have been on the internet now for a number of years,and i do not use a firewall.So far i have not had any problems up until a couple of weeks ago,where i stumbled upon a blaster worm.Like life i guess you take your chances.

Quite security aware... always had firewall and AV uptodate..

Recently forgot to install both after a format and nachi wormed in and seriously screwed my network on this machine up so much so another format needed to be used.....

Definately going back to the old way's, heck ill loose a few mb performance, but i am sure ill save time in the long run doing format's!

  The Paul 23:55 11 Dec 2003

as FE say, nobody here told anyone to do anything. Powerless decided this is what he would do - and thats fair enough. The Forum is a place where some of the best advice available is given freely by some terrific people. As individuals, we have to decide if we want to follow this advice or not.

Despite some views, I was hacked twice while with AOL. Their security team closed my account on both occasions due to "unusual account activity". Since then I have Fort Knox attached to my systems.

With millions and millions of people crawling over the Internet, why take risks - as VoG rightly points out, some of the best Firewalls and AV kits are FREE for heavens sake.

  poprob 00:00 12 Dec 2003

Every one to his/her own, the only thing anyone would get out of mine is a lot of problems which I could do without,I rely on the young brains on these postings to help me solve them,therefore I think any you have are self inflicted as mine are.

  xtreme_computing 00:01 12 Dec 2003

i said that i took the advice

let me rephrase that, i took it upon myself to disable my firewall after reading that other people have, and that home-users do not get hacked

the password has not been forgotten because i have kept the password in a text file on the computer and in my diary, ms money no-longer excepts it..i have enabled the firewall and it seems that i have numberous svchost.exe's attempting access,i have denied them access.i have also found that my e-mail address has allot of unwanted mail in there some in a foreign language

i have made a backup of my files which i have now copied over and can now access them with the original password.

also i seem to have a problem when i connect to the internet.it connects instantly but it takes 5 minutes or so for anything to happen.e.g load webpages, e-mails and messenger, it is as if it is still trying to establish a connection with the network, once it has established a connection after the 5 minutes, browsing the internet ect speeds up.i have checked the data transfer when this happens and there is more sent data than recieved, but once it speeds up the data recieved is then greater..i don't know if this is connected but i had a smooth running computer before disabling my firewall.

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