Ive 2 systems loaded on my laptop help!

  ccjjl82 16:32 06 May 2009

I have a Sony Vaio which is about 4 yrs old. The problems started months ago when my boyfriend who insisted he knew what he was doing, deleted a load of stuff, including programs that were needed for the Windows XP to work.
So, he decided to load a new Windows Vista on to the laptop. Things were going great for a few months, but then we noticed the D: filling up and now we have no memory. The laptop takes forever, warning messages etc.
Only now, to try and free up some space, he deleted more programs, and now I have no direct email, itunes and other stuff.
Is there anyway of sorting this out? Basically all I want to do is delete the old XP program, and possibly the new Vista (as its missing programs) and then load a new Vista on. I know its got no D: memory because its got two windows systems on it.
Has anyone got any advice on what to do? Really I just want to buy a new laptop as it will be easier! I have tried all the normal stuff like clean up, deleting temp internet files and all the rest. I think the best thing is to just start again.
Thanks for any advice you leave. And please in simple terms, I am new to this! Thanks

  keef66 16:59 06 May 2009

You haven't run out of memory, you've run out of hard drive space. D:\ is the name of a partition on the hard drive. The rest of it is likely to be C:\

Have you got any of the instructions that came with the laptop? Usually there is an option to restore it to factory condition (from an image on a hidden partition on the hard drive) Just involves hitting the right F key at startup.

I'll have a Google

  keef66 17:05 06 May 2009

Keep tapping the F10 key as the laptop starts up; you should be offered the option to restore to factory condition. This will mean loss of all your data, so back up any important documents, pictures etc to a memory stick or external hard drive first.

You'll end up with XP as before.

Don't let your biyfriend near it.

  keef66 17:05 06 May 2009


  ccjjl82 17:06 06 May 2009

Thanks keef, I assume low hard drive space affects speed and all the other problems ive been having?
I have looked about and I have found the 'Recovery Guide'. Is this what I need? If so what do I need to look for in it? (sorry but I just dont have a clue!)
Also when you say restoring it, will it still do this even though some of the old systems programs have been deleted?
Thanks so much again.

  ccjjl82 17:14 06 May 2009

haha, I have learnt that one now, he wont be doing this again.
Ok I will try that then.
Is there a way of loading a Vista on it, as I have a new one that I got off a friend that didnt want it.
And what are my options if the restore doesnt work?
many thanks.

  keef66 17:34 06 May 2009

Try the restore first, it's the easiest option.
If that fails and you have a Vista disk with the product key you should be able to install that instead. Start the pc with the Vista disk in the drive and it should boot into the install options. Choose Install. At some point it will ask you if you want to format Drive D:\ Say yes.

That should wipe everything and start afresh.

After installing Vista you'll probably have to download and install some drivers from the Sony website to get everthing working properly.

  ccjjl82 17:43 06 May 2009

thank you so much. I will try that later then when I have burned all my documents etc.
I will let you know how I get on
Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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