iv lost all sound ?

  DrLector 23:21 16 May 2009

Iv lost all sound on my PC ? , iv opened the small speaker icon and they are not muted, iv played a video on yahoo and i can see the volume bar jump up and down as its responding to the film clip but im not hearing anything, iv recently installed a web cam and wondered if that was it but after uninstalling it ,its still the same
thanks for any help

  BRYNIT 00:14 17 May 2009

Check that the speakers are connected to the computer correctly.

  mrwoowoo 01:42 17 May 2009

I would imagine that the web cam drivers have conflicted with your sound card or onboard sound driver.
I would try reinstalling or rolling back your sound driver.
Could check in your bios in case the web cam disabled it there,which can happen.

  [email protected] 07:17 17 May 2009

I'm with Brynit- I had the same problem but it was simply that in installing something new i had moved the PC and the lead for the speakers had been partly pulled out from the socket!
Check every connection carefully!

  DrLector 14:27 17 May 2009

Iv checked out all the leads and they are all in place, iv uninstalled the web cam ,but no change. i have my PC linked to my sterio, the leads are fine to that and if i unplug it i should just get sound out the monitor but its still dead ? iv looked over all the setting and its got me stumped.
there is a new program ( i think its new ) called realtek high definition audio driver. iv uninsulated it, it tells me to re-start the pc, i do so but its back on when i re-start ???
im really lost on this on

  birdface 14:30 17 May 2009

If it was an update from Microsoft.Go to device manager and roll back the driver and see if that works.

  BRYNIT 18:44 17 May 2009

You say you have opened the volume control via the speaker icon to check it was not muted. I assume you checked the volume control. Did you check that the wave control was not muted as well.

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