Iv installed Xp,what about Word etc?

  buel 22:08 22 May 2009

Hi, i have installed xp on a brand new h.d but how do i get Word etc on the pc? I notice that next to the Xp licence on the pc there is a 'Microsoft Works' licence, is this it please?

  rdave13 22:41 22 May 2009

Not possible I'm afraid. Open Office a good alternative. The licence you see is already in use so do not try to use it even though you might get a disc !
I can only help so much.
Glad you're sorted.

  buel 23:21 22 May 2009

Thank you very much!!
Can open Word documents with Open Office?

  Graham. 23:23 22 May 2009


  buel 14:02 25 May 2009

Hi, iv tried downloading open office but it doesn't run? Has anyone got any other links for it please?

  buel 14:46 25 May 2009

Hi, nope iv done that, when i try to run the application i get a message saying 'installer integrity check has failed. common causes include incomplete download and damaged media...etc etc)
Iv tried downloading it twice now...

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