ITV I player and similar

  one headlight 23:55 01 Apr 2010

I'm a typical end user ! whenever I try to watch ITV i player it keeps stopping and starting. I encounter similar problems with the BBC model but to a lesser extent. Not being technically minded I have no idea where to start.My router is a Belkin N150, can anybody point me in the right direction please ??

  Clapton is God 12:49 02 Apr 2010

If both i-players keep stopping and starting it points to a slow or intermittent BB connection.

Do you also have the same problem with YouTube videos?

Try a BB speed check here click here and report back

  mrwoowoo 20:01 02 Apr 2010

You may already know that iplayer has a lower bandwidth version button just below the (minimized) screen.
ITV player never peforms properly until after midnight for me. And i have a 4mb connection.

  one headlight 20:13 02 Apr 2010

for "clapton is God"

245 kbps for downloads - I've no idea how this rates as I'm a "point and play" user.

occasionally have the same issue with You Tube

  Clapton is God 21:01 02 Apr 2010

And therein is your problem.

245 kbps is barely better than a dial-up connection. What package are you on and with which ISP?

  one headlight 02:13 03 Apr 2010

AOL - what mb is that equivalent to ? Will get them to confirm the MB level

  one headlight 02:46 03 Apr 2010

sorted, The BBC Iplayer I have installed has caused a conflict, now disabled and running at 4332 and the I player runs fine. THanks for advising me about the download rate

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