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Itunes won't open, windows 10 OS 64 bit

  Daisy22 10:11 04 Dec 2016

I've downloaded the latest version on my laptop but when I try to open it by clicking on the desktop shortcut nothing happens. I tried to reset it as the default music player and it wouldn't let me do this either.

Suggestions please?

  Daisy22 20:15 05 Dec 2016

It worked ok after I did a "modify" reinstall, but as soon as I turn off my machine and restart I have to do the same thing each time. It's getting a bit annoying.

Also, it recognises my IPhone 5, but it won't let me transfer music to the IPhone. I also have music showing from my IPhone in Itunes which I have already deleted off the Iphone, so not sure why it still shows, it doesn't show on the phone just in the library.

I am really confused by it all

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