iTunes or Media Player now that Im getting an iPhone..??

  hawthorn59 01:18 22 Nov 2011

Im getting an iPhone in a few weeks, and I will use it occasionally for music. Do you recommend that I use iTunes exclusively from then on, or just to transfer my music to the iPhone?

At the moment Im using Windows Media Player. My nephew, who also has an iPhone, prefers Media Player in general and just uses iTunes to transfer music to the iPhone, he doesnt like it for general use at all. I doubt if I will be purchasing much music from iTunes store.

I suppose this is a sort of iTunes or WMP question....I know there is no definite answer to that but Id be interested to hear comments anyway.



  gengiscant 07:57 22 Nov 2011

I am not really sure what your question is? You will need iTunes to sync the phone etc but what you use as your media player is entirely up to you. If you prefer WMP then use it. iTunes will ask on install if you want to use it as your default player,you simply tick the no box,or whatever is required,and continue to use WMP.

  hawthorn59 08:21 22 Nov 2011

Yes I'll have to use iTunes for transferring music. I suppose I was asking now that Im going to have to install it, should I use it as my media player ALSO, instead of WMP. I know its personal choice, but it probably would be handier to use iTunes only. Thats IF its as goof as WMP; nephew swears it isnt!



  gengiscant 08:40 22 Nov 2011

Then the simplest thing would be to try both and see what you think.You can always make what you decide as the default media player.

  Ian in Northampton 08:51 22 Nov 2011

Don't believe people when they say you 'have to' use iTunes for transferring your music. Personally, I hate iTunes and the way it tries to hog everything, and have used Copy Trans Manager with great success. See here:

  hawthorn59 03:51 25 Nov 2011

Thanks guys for all the help! Copy Trans Manager looks very interesting!

BTW how do you mark a post "resolved" in this new look forum; I cant seem to find it!?


  gengiscant 04:53 25 Nov 2011

There is a tick,which when clicked on will turn green, to the right of your post.

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