iTunes nightmares

  Paul-269846 17:43 26 Nov 2005

I am having a problem trying to get itunes to run. I get an error message "Quicktime installation failed error: -3" and I also receive the message "error 1721".
I have already reinstalled Windows installer and also reregistered it as indicated on the Windows support site.
I have tried to find all related files to remove and thus get a clean install but nothing seems to work.

Is this an apple conspiracy to render all windows based pc's useless?

Any help is gratefully received.


  badhair1963 19:58 26 Nov 2005

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime if you haven't already done so.

Failing that, re-download the whole package from click here and start the inatallation process from scratch.

  badhair1963 19:59 26 Nov 2005

That should be "installation" obviously (stupid keyboard!).

  kdt 21:38 26 Nov 2005

Take my advice dont bother. I had to uninstall/delete both itunes/quicktime which I had updated and then found my pc froze. I had to reinstall windows 2000 pro and start fresh.Suggest dont go above 6.5 update of quicktime and forget itunes.Regards.

  kdt 21:43 26 Nov 2005

Forgot to add AOL will give you both quicktime and real if you are with AOL.Quicktime you will get 6.5 and basic real which you can update to 10 HARMONY which is good but dont get it to put itself in startup( ccleaner will help you delete startup entry for real).

  Paul-269846 21:49 26 Nov 2005

Failing these suggestions is there an iTunes alternative that will sync with my ipod in a similar manner

  Paul-269846 21:53 26 Nov 2005

Tried again, same error messages

  badhair1963 02:58 27 Nov 2005

Try Winamp. Apparently there is a plugin available for it which will let you do this.

click here

  brambles 12:14 27 Nov 2005

Here's a technical report I have just found by typing Error 1721 in Google
click here

Are you electing to RUN or SAVE when you download iTunes. I always have the save option to the dektop and then close computer down - then restart & install.

Hope you get there eventually - persevere!


  Paul-269846 12:41 27 Nov 2005

Thank you all, I've tried all of the suggestions by Microsoft for the error 1721. I've found a copy of quicktime pro so I may try brambles suggestion and see how I go, thanks again all.


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