itunes and m4a

  AL47 10:39 14 Mar 2007

Hi, i have a load of mp3 files and annoyingly some m4a files, i like to use media player, but how do you get the m4as to appear in media player?

Also a separate problem is that itunes does not seem to recognise all my mp3s some albums are partly missing and i do not know how to make them appear, otherwise i cannot get them onto my ipod!

Please help.

  Dan S 13:47 14 Mar 2007

M4A files are Apple's answer to Microsoft's WMA format. Conveniently, neither can see or use each other's format.

The saving grace here though, is that both can utilise the MP3 format, including your iPod.

Your best option is in iTunes to go to Edit > Preferences and then select the Advanced followed by the Importing tab. Make sure the format selected is MP3.

Once you've done this, scroll through your library and find all of the M4A format files you wish to convert (if you right-click on the view columns there should be an option that displays the format of the file to make it easier).

Once you've gathered them together and selected them, right-click and select the option 'Convert to MP3'. The process should then double all of the entries, creating an MP3 equivalent for all M4A files selected. After this, you can select again all of the M4A files and delete them.

Also, despite being unable (unwilling) to play WMA files, iTunes will happily convert them to the default import file format, which we changed earlier to MP3.

Try dragging and dropping your WMA files into iTunes to see if they'll convert.

Once everything is in MP3 format, you'll be able to listen to your Music in Media Player as well as on your iPod.

Hi, I've just tried this as I was experiencing the same issue, but I got an error message sayig that I couldn't convert the files as they were protected. Any ideas how to overcome this?

  karmgord 20:50 26 Jun 2007

if you don,t use one of the file conversion software,a long winded way to convert protected m4p files is to use the i-tunes option to burn to disk then rip this disk to mp3 using windows media player

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