iTunes, iPod Touch and the Library

  exdragon 12:14 27 Oct 2011

Hi, I'm confused. When I connected the Touch today, I accepted the update to v5.0. I then sync'd it with iTunes, but all my music vanished, as had that on the Touch.

I tried a couple more sync's and eventually got the music back on the Touch. All my music showed in iTunes, although all but a handfull had exclamation marks against them. Clicking on any of them brought up the message that the original file couldn't be found. Trying to locate it doesn't work and the Library isn't where it should be (My Documents/My Music/iTunes etc).

I've tried searching for a title but nothing is found. Does anyone have any ideas, please?

  exdragon 11:56 29 Oct 2011

Any takers for this one, please?

  exdragon 10:21 30 Oct 2011

Hmm...I searched for one particular album and found it in the Recycle Bin (I'd deleted it as it was duplicated). I restored it to the original location and it appeared in the right place. I checked the properties on another song but although it gave the location, the file is just not there although it is listed in an XML document.

I don't really want to delete everything in iTunes and then sync with the Touch, in case everything is wiped off the Touch.

Back to the drawing board,I fear.

  exdragon 10:39 30 Oct 2011

gengiscant - my albums just aren't in the My Music folder, apart from the one which I said I'd restored from the Recycle Bin. The Touch already has everything on it. I'm not sure what the XML doc is for, though.

  exdragon 10:43 30 Oct 2011

Just remembered, this happened after I'd upgraded to iTunes 10, I don't know if this has any bearing on anything. I may try another install.

  exdragon 11:22 30 Oct 2011

No, nothing like that on the pc, (apart from the one restored album) but I thought if the titles were there, then the music should be! I think I've got myself into a mess, trying to do something which doesn't exist, haven't I!!

Oh well, I suppose I'll have to start again, won't I? If I remove all music and then sync, which will take precedence - Touch or iTunes or isn't that an option?

  exdragon 11:43 30 Oct 2011

Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try when I get back.

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