iTunes import query

  CurlyWhirly 18:31 05 Oct 2005

This may sound like a daft question but I am currently in the process of importing all of my favourite songs into the iTunes library and I am just curious as to whether using the hard drive to play the songs will shorten the life of the hard drive?

What I mean is that in normal use the hard drive accesses data on the hard drive only when it needs it yet playing a load of songs one after the other means that the hard drive heads never get a rest or does it make no difference?

I only want this hard drive to last another year or so and then I will be upgrading to a 64 bit PC.

p.s. the CD's that I am using to import to iTunes are *all* legal.

  Forum Editor 18:39 05 Oct 2005

They're designed to be used almost constantly, and as they don't touch the surface of the drive platters there's no wear involved. The platters are spinning anyway, and the actuator arm bearings will last almost indefinitely, so play away.

  CurlyWhirly 18:47 05 Oct 2005

Crikey, that was quick.
I guess I will continue to import the CD's then as it saves me having to swap them in my CD player.

So far I have over 300 songs in my import library and I'm only around half way there.

I have just bought a Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card and with my recent purchase of Creative 7.1 digital speakers, the sound quality is as good as my hi-fi and as I have this PC upstairs in my spare room and the hi-fi is downstairs, this means that I can listen to music while on my PC by importing them into iTunes.

Resolved with thanks :0)

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