Itunes format to MP3

  wids001 05:45 20 Jul 2011

Can anyone help me out/direct me to a site that can show me how to convert Mpeg-4 audio format music files from I-tunes to MP3. I have Magix Audio Cleaning lab but this doesn't seem to recognise the I-Tune format.

I seem to remember seeing something about this being down by copying the files to a DVD or something.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  eedcam 08:44 20 Jul 2011
  Fermat's Theorem 20:22 20 Jul 2011

I find the "ask and Record" toolbar,77555-order,3/description.html extremely useful. It can record any sound that comes through your speakers as an mp3. So I can play my song from Itunes and record it at the same time as an mp3. The toolbar is free, and can also be used to record videos (you tube etc.)

Hope this is of some help to you :-)

  [email protected] 02:16 21 Jul 2011

In future, to avoid obtaining songs in Apple's aac format, make sure you change the CD rip settings within iTunes to the MP3 format, as described in eedcam's link, and consider purchasing any online music from Amazon MP3. Not only will they be in MP3 already, they tend to be cheaper too.

Converting from aac to mp3 is best avoided when possible as they are both lossy formats so converting from one to the other is always going to induce further loss of quality, so it's best just to begin with the track in MP3 format.

  john bunyan 16:11 21 Jul 2011

I Tunes bought from their store can be converted, about 20 at a time, by burning to a CD in audio format then ripping back in MP3 format. Ripped i Tunes should be imported as MP3 or can be changed in iTunes music.Also [email protected] 's points are valid.

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