iTunes on External HDisk larger than free space

  Rabi 03:05 17 Apr 2006


I backed up my iBook onto an External Drive, capacity 150Gb. iBook now stolen. I wish to transfer my iTunes music library from External Drive to my PC. I have 28.9Gb of music in my iTunes folder on the external hard drive. I have only 11.6Gb free on the PC's hard drive. Obviously a straight "Import" will be easiest but will not fit. I want to have the music also so I can upload to a 60GB iPod Video from the PC.

Can I leave the music on the external drive and play from iTunes whenever?

Thing is, I can't see an option to have iTunes show all the music on the external hard drive. I went to "Edit - Preferences - Advanced", and this was the path there:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music

I Tried changing the path to my "F" drive (external hard drive), but when I go back to iTunes I can't see the music on the "F" Drive. When I shut down my PC and resart, iTunes has gone back to the path I list above.

How can i: a) Keep my music on the "F" / External Drive and be able when iTunes is open to select a track from drive "F"?

b) How do I delete a song from the iTunes library, but not from My Music folder?

Much obliged for any help

I am running iTunes Version 6 on Windows XP Pro.

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