itunes cd burn frustration!!

  blaaboy 14:02 28 Dec 2003

I recently downloaded itunes and I think its great-better than Musicmatch. Only problem is I cant seem to upgrade to the version which will allow me to burn and rip cds as suggested here click here. Can anyone help ease my suffereing and show the wrongs of my ways!

Blaaboy ..

  Big Elf 14:23 28 Dec 2003

You need to create a playlist first. Once you've done that the Burn Disc icon appears on the top right.

  bremner 14:24 28 Dec 2003

What version do you currently have?

  blaaboy 19:56 28 Dec 2003

version 4 - I've tried teh above and and still no joy. Its liek the version I have downloaded will only allow you to listen to mp3 and teh burn/rip facility will come when you subscribe or invest in an ipod. Very frustrating because its a wicked piece of software ..

  bremner 20:11 28 Dec 2003

No a subscription is not required.

Have you done File > New Playlist and then created a list

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