itunes backup of iphone

  Dalglish2 10:52 07 Nov 2010


My iphone has a full music library thankfully (!) shortly before the desktop it was backed up on corrupted.
I have now tried to transfer the iphone music to itunes on a new PC but the itunes is warning me the iphone music library will be replaced with one song!
How do I move music from iphone to itunes on the new pc?

  gengiscant 11:23 07 Nov 2010

Just copy the whole backup itunes folder over to where your new itunes folder is.

  Dalglish2 12:43 07 Nov 2010

sorry but how do i find then copy this backup folder? I've looked in the itunes folders using explorer and can find no trace, thanks

  gengiscant 13:10 07 Nov 2010

I aqm sorry but I think I have picked you up incorrectly.
I had assumed that you had backed up your itunes folder not just the normal backup that itunes does.
The hard drive that you had problems with,the one with itunes on,have you reinstall windows on it?

  brambles 18:23 07 Nov 2010

Yes I can see the problem - your iPhone synchronises with what is on the computer in iTunes. It is possible to do it the other way round as you will see from the link I have sent. But you will have to buy the specialised software. You may think this is preferable to losing everything. There is an option to do a free download to try it first.

There are loads of companies offering a similar software put 'iphone to iTunes' in Google and you will see what I mean.

Hope this helps. Any of your original iTunes library where you imported your own Cd's will not be a worry - you'll just load those again. Your concern is I take it regarding the tracks you have purchased from the Apple Store


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  brambles 18:24 07 Nov 2010


  brambles 18:31 07 Nov 2010

English price £16.50

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  Dalglish2 22:24 07 Nov 2010

Hi thanks to all I have now sorted this out by using free download program that copies music to iTunes.
Many thanks

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